Keeping children safe is an honourable and daunting task. Here is some great advice from Toronto Police that you should pass on to your children.

1. To never accept anything from anyone unless they have permission from a parent or the person looking after them.

2. Not to open the doors for anyone unless a parent is aware of the visit.

3. When they are allowed to answer the phone (e.g. if the call display shows it is a parent, sibling, grandparent or neighbour) and what they should say.

4. To stay calm if they become lost, and to find help from a store clerk, police officer or a mother with children, and to never go into a parking lot alone.

5. To check in regularly with a parent or caregiver when they are not at home. If they want to change their after-school plans, or go from one place to another (e.g., from one friend’s house to someone else’s house), they are to call you first. Make sure your children understand to check in with you when they arrive at their destination.

6. That you always need to know where they are going, including the address and telephone number.

7. To never get into anyone’s car or go anywhere with anyone – even with someone they know, unless a parent or caregiver has given permission.

8. To check in with you or the caregiver when they get home. Establish rules for having friends over or going to someone else’s house. Wherever your children go, ask about supervision. Be sure that you know how to reach your children at any time.

9. That if they are ever in a situation where they feel uncomfortable or unsafe, and want to be picked up right away, they can alwayscall you, no matter what. Focus on the fact that they made the right choice by calling you, and that you hope if they are asked to go again, they will not go – tell them that if there is peer pressure to go, it’s okay to make an excuse to friends for why they can’t (e.g.,they have to babysit younger siblings, there is a family gathering they must attend). 

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Allan Baum
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