8 Benefits of Access Control Systems for Businesses

Commercial access control systems provide an indispensable layer of security for businesses that need to control who’s entering the building. But these systems actually deliver numerous other benefits in addition to providing secure building access.

From offices to warehouses and industrial sites, access control systems offer a wide range of advantages for any commercial environment. In this post, we illustrate how these systems can make your facility more secure, easier to manage and more efficient.

Advantages of Access Control Systems

1) Dependable security

First and foremost, access control systems make your building secure. They keep your facility locked, providing access only to those who have specific credentials, such as your employees. These credentials can be confirmed via RFID key cards and fobs, contactless smart cards, pin codes, smartphones, biometrics and other devices. Anyone who is not on your approved access list will not be able to get inside. So it’s an essential form of security for many types of businesses.

2) Activity tracking

Access control systems can keep accurate records of who is entering your building. This is crucial for businesses that need to closely monitor activity at their premises. And, if an adverse incident occurs at the business, such as theft in the middle of the night, you’ll know who was in the building when it happened.

3) Easier management

Today’s access control systems are extremely easy to manage. You can quickly add or remove people to your access lists. You can control what days, or times of day, people can access the building. And, you can customize those schedules for each individual. All of this is quick and easy to configure or make changes, right from a computer or smartphone.

4) No more cumbersome keys

With access control systems, you don’t need to be constantly creating new keys or managing who has which keys. Everything is digital, so there are no old-fashioned keys at all. In addition to simplicity, this is also a much more secure process: you don’t have to worry about tracking down old employees’ keys or the risks of unauthorized rekeying.

5) Touchless access

If desired, your access control system can be completely touchless. The system can automatically scan users’ smartphones as they approach the door, providing access without the user needing to remove their phone from their pocket. Touchless access is convenient and sanitary, helping to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria and viruses.

6) 2-way communication

Some access control systems allow you to communicate with persons at the door. This is especially useful for communicating with visitors, delivery people and other guests who do not have credentials. The systems can also be equipped with cameras, so you can clearly see who’s at the door and provide access with the tap of a button.

7) Simplified multi-location access

In highly secure areas, access control systems allow you to easily restrict access in multiple locations, without the need to manage different keys. For example, all employees can have access to the front door, while only approved individuals can access secure rooms inside the building.

8) Integrated automation

Your access control systems can be integrated with other automated building systems, such as lighting and climate control. For example, when users enter the building or certain rooms, the system can trigger lights to turn on or thermostats to adjust. This enhances convenience and energy efficiency.

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