Toronto has a population of more than 6 million people. Even in the safest neighbourhoods, Toronto’s alarm systems improve home security.

At Protection Plus, we work with home and business owners across the GTA. We understand what goes into the safety of the average home, condo, or apartment.

To get a better idea of your home and where safety risks may be, our security experts have put together this home security checklist to help.

The biggest step in being secure is staying informed. Keeping our clients in the know ensures that you understand your home’s strong and weak points. If you’re concerned about your home’s safety, follow this home security checklist to see where you could use some extra reinforcement.

Outdoor Security

Before you begin securing the inside of your home, check your external property. Alarm systems in Toronto homes can incorporate areas outside the home as well.

Your property tells would-be thieves a lot, from the trash at your curb to the trees in your yard. Some of the things to check outside include:

  • Secure trash cans: Can potential criminals see what you spend your money on?
  • Tree coverage: How much of your home is visible from the street?
  • Window views: Can you see into your home from the yard?
  • Outdoor furniture: Are your BBQ, ride-on mower, and tools safely secured and out of view?

Outdoor security also extends to structures on your property, such as:

  • Sheds
  • Garages
  • Pools
  • Boat houses

These secondary structures can be protected with many of the same safety products used inside, including alarm systems, security cameras, and smart locks. Many Canadians choose to include door and window sensors in their garages.

Once you know the problem areas, you can better protect your home. Pinpoint potential entry points and reinforce them with security products.

Doors and Windows

The most obvious places to enter your home are the doors and windows. As you perform your security checklist, look at things like:

  • Reinforcement bars: Sliding doors and windows can be reinforced with a bar to keep the glass from sliding open.
  • Basement window bars: Basement windows are easy to access and rarely thought about in terms of safety.
  • Locks: How secure are your locks? Can you get into your home without a key?
  • Sensors: Window and door sensors tell you when any entrance in your home is left ajar.

At Protection Plus, we can help improve door and window security with smart locks and sensors. Control your locks from anywhere with your smartphone. Provide individual codes to visitors and family members so you always know who is coming and who is going.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are an obvious choice to reinforce the safety of your home.

If you already have security cameras, check to see if they are visible outside. A visible camera can help scare off potential intruders. Unfortunately, they’re also easy for intruders to spot and block.

Installing a visible camera alongside a hidden camera (like a smart doorbell, or less noticeable security camera) improves the chances of catching wrongdoings in the act.

Smart doorbells monitor your front door. They are concealed and can send video clips to you by email or push notifications when activated.

Other security camera options include interior cameras to check in on your home in real-time. They are useful for whether you want to see how the kids are doing with a new babysitter or check on some unusual activity related to you by a neighbour.

Alarms and Detectors

Alarms and detectors protect your home by alerting you to problems inside. At Protection Plus, we offer alarms such as:

  • Burglary
  • Smoke
  • Temperature changes
  • Fire
  • Floor
  • Carbon monoxide

These detectors protect you while you’re away from home or tucked into bed. Check how many alarms you have, what they detect, and whether they require batteries. Run a test to ensure each is working as you complete your security check.

Home Lighting

The lighting in and outside your home plays a role in how secure your property is. When a home is visible, even at night, it’s less likely to attract unwanted attention.

Potential invaders are less likely to engage if your neighbours can see and report unusual activity around your home.

The lights on your property can also be used to deter intruders by tricking them into thinking you’re home when you’re not. Smart light systems let you place your lights on timers. This is a great feature for families who vacation or work late.

Forget about your home looking empty all evening. Smart lights can be controlled from anywhere to bring life back to your empty home.

External sensor lights are another lighting feature prominent in the security industry. When movement occurs outside your home, the outside lights turn on. This illuminates any would-be trouble and improves night vision for you and your family if you return home in the evening.

Home Alarm Systems in Toronto

Installing security systems in Toronto homes is always a good idea.

A thorough security system includes many of the features and products mentioned above. This means fewer safety checks and greater peace of mind in the future.

Protection Plus security systems offers ALARM-i video verification alarm systems, including features such as:

  • Verification alarms on security video footage (text/email)
  • Increased police dispatch and response times
  • Photographs of arming and disarming of system
  • Glassbreak detector

Your alarm system can be partnered with other products and services, including:

  • Smart locks
  • Smart doorbells
  • Video surveillance
  • Outdoor cameras
  • Indoor cameras
  • Smart lights
  • Smart thermostats

The purpose of a home security system is to keep you in the know where your home’s security is involved, no matter where you are.

Call Us for a Home Security Audit

A home security audit thoroughly assesses the current security features of your home. We test doors and windows, check for weak points, and determine which safety products will protect even the most inconspicuous entry point.

Protection Plus is a local security company. We aren’t just a business selling a product. We’re your friends and neighbours, and we want to keep our neighbourhoods safe.

You can count on us to walk you through your security checklist and explain any products you’re curious about.

You can schedule a home security audit with Protection Plus by calling us at 1-844-365-7587, or visiting us online.

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