It is unfortunate when crimes happen in the work place, but it happens every day. In order to catch a criminal operating inside of your business, you’ll need to have some security features in place to help make the task easier.

Alarm systems and cameras are a great way to find out who the perpetrator is in your place of business, but there are much more ways to catch crime.

What are additional security measures you can take to protect your business during operating hours?

  1. Install key-card access security systems on all appropriate doors.
  2. Issue work ID badges containing information about the employee including their photo, job description, and badge number.
  3. Master keys should be hidden from employees who do not need one for their daily job activities.
  4. Install Hi-Security locks.
  5. Always keep your office space tidy so that you can identify strange people or objects that do not belong.
  6. Make sure you have an alternative communication system such as a two-way radio in the event of telephone failure.
  7. Invest in secure filing cabinets to keep documents containing personal information safe.
  8. Add a Camera System to monitor activity in current time, record activity when you are not there, and view in remotely via smartphone or computer.

Consider Remote Monitoring

Nowadays, many companies opt to utilize a remote alarm monitoring system. This is less expensive than in-house monitoring and allows the business leaders more time to take care of more important obligations. If something needs to be brought to their attention they will be notified so any urgent issues can be handled as soon as possible.

There are many things most businesses do after-hours to protect their companies, like turn on alarms and keep all entrance doors locked, but that doesn’t prevent them from running into trouble during office hours. Whether you run a store where you keep a cash register on hand or you have an office that houses expensive electronic equipment like multiple computers, it’s important to go the extra mile to protect your company!

For more information on what you can do, contact PROTECTION PLUS ® today!

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Allan Baum
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