Summer Vacation Safety Tips!
We have waited for a long time for Summer to arrive, and for those vacation days to kick in! Now comes the rush to prepare for that road trip or a few weeks at the cottage. Here are ten security tips to remember for a safe and secure vacation.
1. Make a list of “to-do” items. There is nothing better than having a checklist of things that you need to get done before you lock the door and head off on the summer road trip. Being organized will help make your journey stress free!
2. Tell your neighbours when you will be away and ask them to pick up the mail and flyers every day. Make arrangements to have the grass cut and ask your neighbour to park a car in your driveway regularly. Making your home look cared for and occupied will significantly reduce your risk of a burglary.
3. Call your alarm company and check that your emergency contact list is up to date. And ask them how to do a test of your alarm system. Test your system to ensure that the monitoring station is getting signals. Do this sooner rather than later to give time for a service call if needed.
4. Do NOT hide keys under a planter or the door matt. Thieves know all the “secret” hiding places for keys. A smart lock helps avoid tracking keys, and you can simply provide a code to a friend or neighbour when they need access. When you get home, erase the code.
5. We know the temptation is great for you and maybe your kids to share your destination and vacation photos on social media in real-time. It’s much safer practice to wait until you are home before sharing your fun photos and where you went.
6. Use the “lock” or “power off” feature on your garage door opener. Securing your garage goes a long way to securing your home. Close blinds on all garage windows, to avoid advertising your garage contents.
7. Make sure you put all your travel documents, passports, etc., in a safe place. Never leave valuables and Passports unsecured in a hotel room or car.
8. If you are planning a road trip, have your automobile fully serviced and checked. Nobody wants a vacation ruined or delayed by a vehicle break down.
9. When travelling to a foreign country or even an unfamiliar city, be wary of advertising that you are a tourist. Search online for local gov’t safety advisories and advice. Ask a hotel concierge or a reputable local, for safety advice and security risks; they should be able to give you tips on common local scams and areas to avoid.
10. Be wary of public Wifi. Don’t do banking or sensitive transactions using public unsecured Wifi. You could easily be hacked.

One of the biggest threats to personal or property security is complacency. Take a bit of time to do your due diligence before you depart. It can save you time and many headaches by preventing unfortunate incidents. Have Fun!

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Allan Baum
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