Sev­er­al options can pro­vide the secu­ri­ty you need when pro­tect­ing your busi­ness from intru­sion, theft, and van­dal­ism. Aside from a busi­ness secu­ri­ty sys­tem, win­dow film and secu­ri­ty bars are two excel­lent deter­rents.

In this post, we explore how each of these secu­ri­ty options works and which appli­ca­tion may be most ben­e­fi­cial for your busi­ness.

What is Window Film?

Win­dow secu­ri­ty film pro­tects any glass win­dow or door. It is con­struct­ed with a unique poly­ester blend of mate­ri­als that can be applied with dif­fer­ent strengths. You can use it on sev­er­al appli­ca­tions, includ­ing offices, ware­hous­es, and even trans­porta­tion like trains and bus­es.

How it works: When an intrud­er tries to break the glass, it may crack but not shat­ter. The thick­er the film, the stronger it holds. This pre­vents “smash and grab” theft and can give the author­i­ties more time to respond to an intru­sion alert. We rec­om­mend com­bin­ing it with a glass break alarm for max­i­mum secu­ri­ty.

Win­dow film has sev­er­al oth­er ben­e­fits:

  • Add a tint to your film for a degree of pri­va­cy and to pre­vent graf­fi­ti.
  • It also increas­es ener­gy con­ser­va­tion by keep­ing the ele­ments out and the indoor air more sta­ble.
  • It can reduce UV dam­age to inte­ri­or floors, car­pets, fur­ni­ture, and décor and will con­trol glare.
  • Since it pre­vents shat­ter­ing, it can make your prop­er­ty safer dur­ing an explo­sion or nat­ur­al dis­as­ter.
  • Final­ly, by reflect­ing light, win­dow film elim­i­nates visu­al con­fu­sion and makes the appear­ance of the build­ing more attrac­tive.

What are Security Bars?

Secu­ri­ty bars and gates a more unbeat­able lay­er of pro­tec­tion to doors and win­dows and can deter van­dal­ism and theft. They come in mul­ti­ple styles, includ­ing fixed, remov­able, fold­ing, swing-away, and adjustable. They pre­vent van­dal­ism and theft as visu­al and prac­ti­cal deter­rents, mak­ing break­ing much more dif­fi­cult.



Which is Best for Your Business?

When decid­ing to increase your busi­ness’ secu­ri­ty with win­dow film or secu­ri­ty bars, con­sid­er these fac­tors:

    • Acces­si­bil­i­ty: If you want to pro­tect street-lev­el doors and win­dows, secu­ri­ty bars are stur­dier and will be more effec­tive at deter­ring and pre­vent­ing break-ins. The film is prefer­able if you want a lev­el of pro­tec­tion for sec­ond-lev­el or even inte­ri­or glass. The glass size can also fac­tor into whether it’s worth hav­ing one or the oth­er.


  • Aes­thet­ics: While they increase secu­ri­ty, bars can take away spe­cif­ic aes­thet­ics. You may want to con­sid­er the trade-offs. Use a retractable gate when the busi­ness is closed if you need bars. Win­dow film, on the oth­er hand, improves aes­thet­ics inter­nal­ly and exter­nal­ly.


  • Pri­va­cy and ener­gy con­ser­va­tion: To go beyond added secu­ri­ty, don’t for­get that win­dow film has oth­er ben­e­fits that can help your prop­er­ty be more ener­gy effi­cient and pre­vent dam­age.

Some busi­ness­es find they want the com­bined pro­tec­tion of secu­ri­ty bars and win­dow film. For exam­ple, per­haps your street-fac­ing win­dows and doors will ben­e­fit from bars, while less acces­si­ble win­dows that get a lot of sun dur­ing the day use film. You can also have both on the same glass for max­i­mum pro­tec­tion.

Professional Installation & Expertise

Con­tact our secu­ri­ty experts at PROTECTION PLUS to get max­i­mum pro­tec­tion for your busi­ness. We’ll be hap­py to dis­cuss the options in our exten­sive line of secu­ri­ty win­dow bars, door secu­ri­ty, win­dow safe­ty bars, and oth­er secu­ri­ty solu­tions.

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