Protect your home your way. You can secure yourselves with more than high tech alarm system or sophisticated security cameras to.  Take protection into your own hands by taking on a simple DIY project.  There are smaller simpler things a homeowner can do to protect their home or business.  For people on a tight budget, here are a few things you can do to make home or business much safer and secure.

Locksmith and Keying

It doesn’t matter if you’ve recently bought a new house or if you’ve lived there for years, at some point it’s a good idea to change your locks.  Changing or rekeying your locks allows for you to prevent people who have had access to your keys from entering your house without your permission.  Owners can choose to either change their locks or rekey them.  Rekeying is done without the replacement of the current lock.  It’s a simple process of having a technician change the tumbler or wafer configuration on the current lock so that a new key will be able to open it, rendering the old keys obsolete.  You can also choose to change the lock completely, by installing a better lock or a high security lock.  Whether you choose to rekey your locks or change them completely, either option will make your home and business a much safer and secure place.

Window Film

Window films are a retrofit upgrade for flat glass windows and can be used to address a variety of issues from heat and glare reduction, privacy, decoration, safety and security and UV filtration.  Used in vehicles, they are called window tinting and are typically used for heat and glare reduction as well as for privacy.  The benefit to installing window films is that it makes the glass a lot harder to break through; they make them more shatter proof.  Not only that, but once broken, window film allow for the broken glass to remain within the window frame, preventing open access to the intruder.  Window film can also protect your home and business from natural disasters, such as flying branches, severe wind and rushing water from entering through the windows.  They are a cost-effective way to protect your home or business without having to pay top dollars and is an installation one can do on their own.


From valuable jewelry to important documents like passports and homeowner documents, a safe can protect any of your most prized belongings.  It’s one of the best investments to make to protect your personal belongings.  With security safes, you can choose to have one in a bank or have one in your own home or office.  Security safes come in a wide range of shape and sizes, with a multitude of features, such as being fire proof.  The addition of a home or office safe allows for important and valuable documents to be protected during a robbery as criminals will be unable to access them.  A portable safe in the home allows for portable from room to room while a wall safe at the office provides added security while being out of sight.

Security Bars

You’ve seen security bars on windows in several movies.  Large vertical black bars installed in front of windows, preventing people or objects from entering or leaving the area.  Security bars aren’t the most appealing and can make a property look like a prison or dungeon.  However, you don’t need to compromise when it comes to safety and beauty anymore.  Nowadays, window and door security bars now come in a wide variety of designs, allowing for the aesthetic appeal while also allowing for the protection of your property.  These bars can come built in within the window, providing safety and a beautiful exterior appeal.

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Allan Baum
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