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Secure Schools with Access Control: Learn How.

Safety and security are top priorities in our schools. As students head back to class this fall, administrators and educators are faced with the evolving challenge of providing secure access to authorized personnel and guests, while keeping unauthorized people out of the building.

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5 Ways to Prevent Package Theft from Your Doorstep

33% of surveyed Canadians have had a package stolen, according to recent figures from FedEx – and those numbers have been rising every year. In the United States, the rates of package theft are even higher, with more than 210 million packages stolen in 2021.

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The Benefits of Investing in Security Systems for Your...

Business security systems are beneficial for running a business from home or commercial property. Small businesses across Canada rely on security to protect against theft, cybercriminals, and more. At Protection Plus, we pride ourselves on being a Canadian company focused on local companies.

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Is Your Business a Target for Burglars?

Is Your Business a Target for Burglars? Too often, business owners and building managers fail to recognize how their lax security processes increase their risk for burglary and theft. But what exactly makes a business a target for these crimes?

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4 Benefits of Video Alarm Verification

What happens when someone breaks into your home? Will Video Alarm Verification Help? If no alarm system is installed, burglars will have free access to enter your property undetected and take whatever they want – especially if nobody can stop them.

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