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5 Ways a Security System can Protect Your Business

A top-tier security system is a smart investment for any business, as it can provide several unique layers of protection over your operations, employees and products. Let's look at some of the most important ways a security system can protect your business.

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Stay Safe: Your Home Security Checklist

Toronto has a population of more than 6 million people. Even in the safest neighbourhoods, Toronto's alarm systems improve home security. At Protection Plus, we work with home and business owners across the GTA. We understand what goes into the safety of the average home, condo, or apartment.

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8 Benefits of Access Control Systems for Businesses

Commercial access control systems provide an indispensable layer of security for businesses that need to control who’s entering the building. But these systems deliver numerous other benefits besides giving secure building access.

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5 Things Burglars Look for in a Home

How do burglars choose which homes to break into? Is it random? Do they choose the first house they see on the street? Nope - most burglaries are not random at all.

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What to Look For in Locksmith Services

Toronto is home to nearly 3 million Canadians, which is approximately 7.6% of the entire population of Canada. Therefore, it’s no surprise that finding a trustworthy locksmith service in Toronto is an essential part of your home security plan.

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