Ever wondered what thieves look for when they case a neighbourhood for an easy target? Most likely it will be an empty house with weak and unprotected entry points that are out of general sight. Make your house the one that thieves quickly pass over by employing the following strategies:

Make It Look Like Someone Is Home

This is one of the most important tricks for keeping burglars away. Thieves intent on a robbery don’t want any complications – they just want to grab the stuff and run. Having to deal with homeowners is a huge risk and deterrent for them. So, fake a presence in the house. Park a car in the driveway and keep the lights on inside and outside of the house.

Invest in a timer that will turn the lights on as dusk approaches and off in the morning. And use the timer to turn your television on and off as well. Lights on and television or radio noise make it look like there are people in the house who can call the police or block the robbery in some other way. If you are leaving for an extended vacation, have someone pick up your newspapers and mail. Nothing shouts louder that the house is vacant than a pile of daily newspapers on the porch and an overflowing mailbox.

Forewarn and Deter With A Surveillance System

Investing in a home surveillance system not only hinders a break-in by triggering an alarm and frightening the burglars away, but the security system subscriber yard signs and window stickers are an effective way to change thieves’ minds about even attempting to target a protected house in the first place.

Place the signs in the most visible areas of your front lawn, as well as on the sides and the back of your house. Knowing that the house is protected by a home security system will make the thieves turn around and look for an easier target. Double up that warning power with another trusted posting, BEWARE OF DOGS, and you’ll likely fend off even the most desperate and experienced thief.

Don’t Tempt The Thief

Close up shades and drapes to keep your household items out of view. You don’t want to tempt the thief with your expensive items visible from the street. As they say, burglary is a crime of opportunity, and spotting expensive electronics in your living room could just prompt a thief to act.

And if you went on a shopping spree (this being the holiday season and all), make sure to keep the packaging of your purchases broken down into small bundles when thrown to the curb so labelling is not visible. A carton stamped with Acer Ferrari 1100 laptop in front of your house could be quite tantalizing to a thief.

And although you might be tempted to brag to your friends about your upcoming fabulous vacation, never announce your comings and goings on social media. Many burglars use Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms to target properties. Wait until you’ve returned from your trip to claim your bragging rights with pictures and posts.

Make House Entry Points Visible and Protected

Large trees, bushes and shrubs do improve your property’s curb appeal, but unfortunately, they also make your house attractive to thieves by offering them cover and camouflage. Trim any high and overgrown foliage so that your home’s doors, windows and porches are easily visible to passersby.

Consider investing in solid wood or Steel-wrapped wood core doors and double-glazed windows. Old hollow-core doors can be easily kicked in, and glass is very vulnerable to a break-in. Double-glazed windows are more resistant to impact, and in addition, they will keep your house quieter and better insulated.

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