Before the rise of smartphones and portable tablets, home security systems worked in a traditional way. A two-way voice monitoring system was installed at the home. If the home were to be broken into, the alarm company would react, sending the police and notifying you via phone. Nowadays however, things have changed. Changes in smartphone technology and the introduction of tablets allow you to do so much more on the go. Security systems now allow you to control your home monitoring system from wherever you are to whenever you want. These modern systems allow home owners to turn their systems on or off, determine the radius of the house to monitor and check in to see who entered the house. Overall, these systems now allow home owners to see directly into their houses, seeing what the security cameras see. These new features give parents, home owners and travellers peace of mind while they’re away for long periods of time because they know that they can check in at any time. The question here however is with all this new technology, does that make our homes safer or put them at a higher risk? In other words, how safe is our home security now that we can take it on the go?

Looking at both sides, we can see that controlling our home security system and checking into our house at anytime from any place does provide us with some form of peace of mind. However on the flip side, there is the possibility of these devices being lost or stolen. Even if these devices are lost or stolen, that does not necessarily mean that our homes are at risk of being broken into.

With the changes in technology also comes an increase in protection software and features to help you protect your most prized information. You can place passwords, activation codes or lock certain information on these devices, providing an added protection and keeping them away from prying eyes. Also, you don’t necessarily need to install the home monitoring App on all devices. Keeping it on one device allows for the information to be stored in one location, making it easier to manage while also allowing you to protect your home on the go.

For those home owners who still don’t trust home monitoring systems, there are many benefits to having one then leaving your house unprotected. Primarily, burglars avoid robbing houses where an alarm security sign is present. In addition, security cameras and features are now much more discrete and hidden, allowing for them to monitor your house while being out of sight. Furthermore, being able to see inside your house allows you to keep an eye on your house while travelling, instead of asking a neighbour to do so.

To answer our earlier question, our home security systems are much more safer now that we can take it on the go. It provides the home owner with the power to determine what to monitor and if so, provides notifications of any suspicious activity. Not only can you monitor your home security system on the go, but you can also now customize it to fit your lifestyle. An added benefit that wasn’t there before. When it comes to home monitoring systems, the best thing to do is to ask your security company questions before getting one installed. There is no way to protect anything 100% but a home monitoring system is your best defense to protecting your home.

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Allan Baum
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