The last summer long weekend is ending, summer fairs have closed down, back to school sales are in the air. Saying goodbye to summer is one of the most difficult things to do.  Remembering the last night of vacation stills leaves us with certain uneasy memories. It’s no different for our kids. Here are some helpful hints to chase away the back-to-school blues.

1.   Relax and Practice the first day of school routine: Getting into a sleep routine before the first week of school –  Organizing everything you need for the first day, books, binders and backpacks, oh my. –  Pack a healthy lunch and a couple of treats. Great for making friends in the lunch room!

2. Get to know your neighbourhood: Take a walk around the block and get to know the neighbourhood. – Meet new neighbours and kids and check out the route to school is within walking distance. Hope in the cart with your child and drive the route to become familiarized.

3. Talk to your child: Talking it out will minimize any of your or your child’s anxiety about the new school year.

4. Get involved in the school: Participating in your child’s school will give you insight into it functioning and may have a calming effect for your child and ask for help:


The end of dog days of summer is no easier on our pets. After having us are 24/7, it’s back to the workday routine. To help ensure your pet doesn’t go through the pet blues, try these helpful tips.

saddog – Practice any changes to your daily routine before school starts.

– Make your departure a happy time with toys and treats.

– Create a safe place in the house for your pet.

– Keep the radio on for company.

– Greet your dog in the normal way you come home.

– Keep your homework to yourself. “My dog ate it” doesn’t work with iCloud anymore.

If your pet continues to be anxious, contact your local veterinarian.

From everyone here are PROTECTION PLUS ® Good luck with school and with Rover.

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Allan Baum
Security Industry veteran with over 30+ years in the industry. Founded family owned and operated Protection Plus in 1994 with his wife and has overseen its growth since. In addition to working with his wife and son, Allan has assigned the role of Chief Canine Officer to his trusted dog Waub, who joins him at the office every day.