Every business should routinely conduct a commercial security audit to stay abreast of risks that threaten its operations, assets and people. There are a number of benefits and knowledge to be gleaned from conducting these security audits, and business owners can get personalized advice and security recommendations from our experts at PROTECTION PLUS.

A commercial security audit is an in-person assessment of your business that identifies critical security vulnerabilities, along with recommended steps and solutions for eliminating those gaps. The audit is a necessary measure for understanding your business’ security policy strengths, opportunities and weaknesses, with the help of knowledgeable security professionals.

Let’s look at the key reasons to consider a commercial security audit and what you will gain from it.

1) Uncover Security Vulnerabilities

Do you know where your security vulnerabilities lie? Are they the same risks that you and your team identified when you opened the business?

Chances are your vulnerabilities have grown or evolved. Or, if you’ve never carefully evaluated your security gaps before, then it could be only a matter of time before your business is targeted.

With a commercial security audit, a trained PROTECTION PLUS Security Expert will do an in-depth evaluation of your unique security requirements based on the conditions inside and outside your business. We’ll look at potential entry points for intruders, areas where internal theft could go undetected, how quickly authorities could respond to an emergency and numerous other factors.

2) Law Compliance

Are there any laws that require your business to implement specific security measures? Have you gone over every letter of the law with a fine-tooth comb to be sure that you are in compliance with the rules?

Just as one example, Ontario laws require cannabis stores to implement numerous security protocols, such as video surveillance systems, secure entry points and secure displays. Failure to adhere to these laws can result in steep fines or loss of the business’s license.

A commercial security audit will allow you to confirm if your business is compliant with applicable laws regarding security, and it will identify the steps you must take to get back in compliance.

3) Define Security Policies

Conducting a commercial security audit will enable you to assess whether your company’s security policies are adequate and whether or not they are successful in their implementation.

Beyond any security technology that you have installed, it is vital that businesses set clear protocols for security and safety, especially in environments with valuable assets. These policies could be as simple as defining how the alarm system should be set or creating employee checklists for closing the business at the end of the night.

By uncovering vulnerabilities, a commercial security audit can help you set more robust policies for preventing theft, break-ins and other threats.

4) Find the Appropriate Security Solutions

Finally, an audit will identify specific security solutions to help you eliminate the vulnerabilities uncovered during the assessment. For example, recommendations could include particluar types of video cameras, alarm systems, locks, access control systems and other solutions, based on your unique security needs.

A PROTECTION PLUS Security Expert will work with you to define the right solutions for your needs and budget.

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