Your home alarm system is expected to help improve the safety of your home and protect the occupants, assets, and property. However, looking at them, you cannot tell whether they’re fully operational. As with other mechanisms, several components can degrade over time, compromising the operation of your alarm system.

Things like dirt, dust, other contaminants, remodelling, vandalism, and improper maintenance can also damage the alarm system. Fortunately, regular inspections, testing, and maintenance can keep your alarm system at top operating performance.

Testing your Alarm System

It is essential to test your alarm system monthly or, at the very least, quarterly to ensure it is in good working order. Make sure to include the windows, doors, and motion sensors in your test.

Before you test the system, call and inform your monitoring station of the test to put it in test mode. Otherwise, you may incur costly false alarm fines from your local law enforcement.

Maintaining your Alarm System

The alarm system and the batteries need regular maintenance, updating, and replacement. The two types of alarm systems – wired and wireless – use batteries that should be replaced periodically to ensure that the system does not fail, leaving your home unprotected. You should also consider regular maintenance to keep the system up to date and in excellent working order

Professional Maintenance

Your security equipment should be inspected and tested by a professional. Most professional vendors offer a maintenance package along with a service contract. Professional maintenance typically includes:

  • An assessment of the batteries to ensure they are fully functional
  • Checking to ensure that your monitoring centre is receiving the signals transmitted
  • Performing controlled tests on panic buttons
  • Repairing any malfunctioning or damaged parts of your alarm system
  • Testing the sensors to identify any faulty ones and calibrating them as necessary

A trained professional should be capable of providing a detailed diagnosis of your alarm system rather than relying on self-testing alone.

Final Note

Besides the security benefits, keeping your alarm system in good condition eliminates the possibility of emergency repairs or costly false alarms that increase your expenses. Remember that burglar alarms only deter criminals from accessing your home if you use them daily and at night. The more you familiarise yourself with your alarm system, the less likely you are to initiate a false alarm.

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