Installing a home security system is the best way to protect your home from threats such as burglary, intrusion, and fire. But we understand this can be a big decision for some families, especially if you’re new to residential alarm systems.

If you’re undecided about home security systems or not sure it’s right for you, here are things to consider.

1) What is the rate of crime in your neighbourhood?

No community is immune to crime. But some areas may have higher rates of crime than others. As a rule of thumb, more populated areas will naturally have more crime. But that doesn’t mean rural areas are crime-free. Also, remember that burglars often target homes that are less visible to surrounding homes (such as those in rural or suburban settings).

For the greatest peace of mind, don’t wait until the crime comes to you before installing a security system. And if burglaries and other crimes are already happening in your neighbourhood or surrounding areas, then it’s probably time to install a system as soon as possible.

2) Do you want to prevent break-ins from occurring in the first place?

The mere presence of a home security system acts as a powerful deterrent against burglaries and break-ins. (That’s why homeowners place yard signs and decals that communicate the presence of an alarm system.) Installing the system makes your home less likely to become a target.

Control home security systems with smartphone

3) What would happen if someone broke into your home at night or while you were away?

How would you find out about it, and when? What is the worst-case scenario you can imagine? If there’s no alarm system, an intruder has virtually unrestricted access to do whatever they want in your home, completely undetected. That’s a scary thought, especially if you and your family are asleep in bed.

With a home security system, the alarm will scare off most intruders if they attempt to open a door or window. Plus, with alarm monitoring, dispatchers can promptly send the police if your alarm has been triggered – so help will be on the way, even if you’re not at home.

4) How are you protected against smoke and fire?

Ideally, your home already has smoke detectors. But what if you’re not home to hear them? With a home security system, your smoke detectors can be monitored along with the alarm system. So if a fire broke out while you’re at work or on vacation, the monitoring centre could dispatch the local fire service. That quick response could mean a small fire and destruction.

Intruder detection

5) Are you currently relying on your dog for home security?


Dogs are great companions, but you should never assume they will stop intruders. Also, do you want to risk a beloved pet’s well-being by exposing it to a potentially violent criminal?

A home security system provides the protection you can always depend on (not just for yourself and your family, but also your pets!).

Still unsure about a home security system? We can help.

Contact our home security experts at PROTECTION PLUS to learn more about how a home alarm system can provide the protection you need. We’re happy to review your options and help determine if an alarm system is right for you.

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