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The Benefits of Investing in Security Systems for Your...

Business security systems are beneficial for running a business from home or commercial property. Small businesses across Canada rely on security to protect against theft, cybercriminals, and more. At Protection Plus, we pride ourselves on being a Canadian company focused on local companies.

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Is Your Business a Target for Burglars?

Too often, business owners and building managers fail to recognize how their lax security processes increase their risk for burglary and theft. But what exactly makes a business a target for these crimes?

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4 Benefits of ALARM-i Video Alarm Verification

What happens when someone breaks into your home? If there is no alarm system installed, then burglars will have virtually free access to enter your property undetected and take whatever they want – especially if nobody is there to stop them.

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Vacation Checklist: 7 Tips for Home Security

Going away for summer vacation? Don’t leave your home unprotected! Burglars are on the lookout for vacant homes, especially during the summer season when families travel. If you don’t take the right steps before you leave, then your home could become a target.

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How to Prevent Internal Theft at Your Business

No employer wants to believe their workers can steal from the business. But the unfortunate reality is that internal theft is widespread. 75% of employees admit to stealing from their employers at least once, according to one shocking statistic.

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