Advanced Security System in 2021

Safety is of paramount importance, especially where it matters most — at home. The best thing you can give your loved ones is protection from external security threats. As home alarm security systems become more common, it pays to look towards more advanced solutions for unparalleled peace of mind.

The next generation of home security systems is here – built with video verification capabilities, the latest security systems integrate the signalling function of alarms with accurate threat detection that visual confirmation provides.

But just how essential is it to install a home security system? Here, PROTECTION PLUS® breaks down the facts of home security – from burglary and violent crime statistics to the financial benefits of avoiding property damage, the importance of safeguarding psychological well-being, and the necessity of upgraded video verification alarm systems.

Burglary and Property Crime

Burglaries are often depicted to occur late at night when everyone is fast asleep and not alert to the presence of intruders; but the reality is, even burglars are getting creative with their methods. Today, burglaries often occur during the day, in plain sight when no one is home. In the absence of a security alarm, criminals are able to sweep the entire place for valuables in just a few minutes, weaving in and out of the property virtually undetected.

But with a home security system, homeowners can easily protect their property from theft and damage, even when no one is at home. This provides unparalleled peace of mind and comfort knowing that their property is sufficiently protected, and any attempt to trespass and commit theft can be quickly detected and responded to by local authorities. And while installing a home security system can sound like an additional expense upfront, it is a long-term investment that provides financial security made possible through threat detection that deters property damage-causing violent crime from occurring in the first place.


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Protection for Families

Homes are supposed to be a safe space – more than the real estate investment, it is your personal sanctuary. When burglaries occur, they leave a lasting psychological trauma on victims. It doesn’t help that it is not uncommon for burglars to come armed, which only causes fear no longer over the loss of property, but life itself.

Homeowners can find comfort in the fact that an advanced security system can protect their loved ones from experiencing the lasting psychological trauma caused by burglaries and home invasions. With the added benefit of visual confirmation through an integrated video verification system, they can easily detect possible intruders, and throughout the course of a police investigation, help authorities in identifying these threats to their safety.

The Difference of Video Verification in Home Alarm Systems

Alarms have been the main feature of home security systems since their debut, but they are no longer enough. This is because security alarms alone have been shown to trigger false alarms, which slow down police response times to actual emergencies.

Video verification in advanced home security systems provides homeowners with instant notifications upon the detection of a possible threat, which they can quickly qualify and verify through a video feed. Upon visual confirmation of a break-in, the police are alerted to the scene and perpetrators can be quickly apprehended through the deployment of security response when it’s needed most. The archived footage also serves as evidence in ensuing legal proceedings, which helps to create a strong case before the justice system.

It all starts with advanced threat detection – working with security alarm triggers, visual confirmation provided by video verification prompts fast police response time and successful apprehension; for your family, this means peace of mind knowing that your home will always be a safe space.