How To Automate Your Home In 2021

Technology has changed the way we communicate, are entertained, and how we live in our homes. The “Smart” home might have seemed like something from science fiction a decade ago, but today it is the norm. Smart home technology allows you to operate everything from your home temperature to security both from within your home and remotely.

The Smart Home

A smart home uses wireless connectivity to automate your heating and cooling system, lighting, appliances, home entertainment, security and more. It can be done within the home, or remotely using a cell phone, tablet or laptop. Also coined “domotics”, this home automation technology has not only made our homes more intuitive, but also upped the effectiveness of home security systems.

Innovations that are currently making smart homes more accessible include voice control platforms such as Amazon Alexa, Apple Siri, and Google Assistant so you can simply ask your home to make adjustments to lights, turn up the heat, or turn on the music. The “internet of things” provides communication between devices and monitoring capabilities while smart sensors can make auto adjustments by predicting what you need based on settings you have used in the past.


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Domotics for Security

Having an effective security system for your home is more important than ever with over 3 million burglaries in Canada every year, according to the Canadian Security Association. 70% access the home through vulnerabilities such as windows, while the remaining enter through the front door. As expected, most break-ins occur at night.

Domotics offer many options to help protect your home including door sensors, window sensors, motion detectors, glass break sensors, and more. Smart security solutions can be customized to meet your specific needs and budget using connected cameras, locks or motion detectors. New developments in electronics, circuitry, and software have made the electronic protection packages available today more affordable, intuitive and user friendly.

Smart Home Monitoring

The beauty of smart home security is that it allows you to maintain control of your home remotely. Smart home security simplifies stressful situations such as a child misplacing their key, or you forgetting to close the garage door. These things can be managed remotely so you always know your home and family is safe. Home monitoring also connects you directly by phone using special apps that make it easy to manage everything. You can choose to be notified about changes from temperature to possible intruders and use security cameras to monitor what’s happening at home.

Smart homes also provide technology to detect fire and carbon monoxide. Life safety monitoring is also available using emergency pendants for direct communication with emergency services ideal for elderly family members at home alone.

By 2022, it is estimated that North America will spend as much as $63 billion US on smart home technology. Making small cost saving changes to your home’s connectivity today can not only keep your home and family safe, but also prepare you for future advancements in smart home technology.