Business Security Alarm Monitoring Services Toronto

Business Security Alarm Monitoring Services Toronto

Why have your alarm system monitored?

Your clients and your insurance company want you to protect your business with reliable Business Security alarm monitoring. Call PROTECTION PLUS® today to learn about the variety of plans and services that we offer.

As a business owner, you want to know what is happening in your business 24/7/365. Ask us about customized and enhanced monitoring services that allow tracking of all alarm users and include alarm activity reports with time and date stamps emailed directly to you monthly. Receive instant email notifications for alarm code usage, cellular monitoring, I.P. monitoring, virtual alarm services, and more.


Professional Monitoring Protocols

All monitoring providers are NOT the same. PROTECTION PLUS can monitor your business for burglary, fire/smoke, low temperature, flood and more. Choose between conventional digital monitoring over a landline, or the latest 4G cellular or I.P. monitoring. Our 5 ULC-listed Canadian Emergency Response Centers will provide you with a certificate of monitoring, and follow approved ULC protocols and procedures to notify you and your emergency contacts of activity in your premises that could be a cause for concern. When necessary, they will dispatch the appropriate authorities to the premises. You can rely on our trained professionals 24/7 — every day of the year.

Why do we have 5 Emergency Response Centers? Solely for your protection. Our only purpose is to keep you and your business protected. Having 5 Emergency Response Centers enables each one to act as a backup for the others. In case an unforeseen event causes one of the centres to go down, the other ones are ready and available to take over.

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