What to consider when buying commercial intercoms

Commercial intercoms have evolved significantly over the past few years, offering clearer communication and greater security than ever before. Today’s intercom systems offer a wide range of new features and capabilities, including video, remote access and more. This gives building managers a greater variety of solutions to find the intercom that’s right for their needs.

Intercoms provide an essential layer of communication for a wide variety of commercial environments, including offices, warehouses, industrial facilities and select businesses. The core functionality of these systems is allowing people inside a building to communicate with someone at the door, such as a delivery person or visitor. But since there are numerous styles and features available today, it’s important to compare your options carefully.

Here are 5 questions to consider as you search for commercial intercoms.

1) Whole building or one user?

How many people will need to use the intercom system? For example, will the intercom be used by a single person in the building (such as front desk personnel) or by many people (such as all the tenants in an apartment building)?

Not all intercom systems are designed for whole-building/multiuser communication, so this question can help to quickly narrow your options.

2) Do you need video intercoms?

Video intercoms provide an additional layer of security, allowing you to see the person at the door and confirm they are who they say they are. Intercom panels can be equipped with HD cameras, sending video signals to the interior receiving devices, which are equipped with displays.

Video intercoms are strongly recommended for any business that is unable to confirm the identity of visitors from audio alone.

3) Does the intercom allow access control?

Can you unlock/open the door through the intercom system, or is a secondary system needed? Some commercial intercoms feature built-in access control functionality, allowing users to permit entry to those at the door, directly through the intercom. Alternatively, some commercial environments may want to consider more robust access control solutions, which allow for a wide range of other features, such as card readers, hands-free unlock capabilities (via smartphone), real-time reporting and more.

4) Will you need the ability to communicate remotely?

What happens in situations when deliveries or guests arrive, but there’s no one inside to answer the intercom? Some commercial intercoms now allow you to answer the call on a smartphone, no matter where you are, so that you never miss a visitor. These systems combine security with convenience, allowing you to communicate back and forth through your device and even unlock the door with the tap of a button.

5) Can the system be integrated with security cameras?

We mentioned the option of video intercoms above, but some buildings will want to consider more robust video surveillance systems. Select intercoms can be seamlessly integrated with security camera systems, giving you clearer communication and greater insight into activity at your entry points, all manageable from the same system.

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