Toronto, October 16, 2022:

Top 10 Under 40: Brandon Baum, chief security officer, Protection Plus

Brandon Baum talks about how he joined the family business and why technologies like video verification and cloud-based access control continue to change the security industry.


HomeStars Winner

Toronto, April 12, 2018:

HomeStars Winner

Security system donated to Salvation Army Thrift Store in Whitby after garbage dumped at site

HomeStars Winner

The Salvation Army Thrift Store in Whitby says people have been dumping garbage in and around their donation bins.

Volunteer Tracy Roulston says it’s costing the charity money and volunteers’ time.

“Imagine going to work in the morning, you’re volunteering and you’re being told ‘It’s time to clean up this garbage,’” said Roulston. “Now, with money that’s raised at kettles throughout the holiday season, we have to use that money to take this stuff over to the local dump.”

HomeStars Winner

“You’d be pretty hard pressed to find something that was salvageable,” added Roulston. “It was sheer garbage.”

Roulston says she reached out to security company Protection Plus and they donated a security system to the store, which is being installed Tuesday.

To thank them, Roulston has organized a food drive on their behalf.

You can stop by the store at 311 Brock Street between 9:30 a.m. and 12 p.m. Tuesday to drop off non-perishable donations.

They are in need of peanut butter, canned fruit, Hamburger Helper and beans.

The organization is asking you to double check the expiration date on the food before donating it.


HomeStars Winner

Toronto, April 12, 2018:

Once again PROTECTION PLUS® Inc. is proud to announce that they are recipients of a “Homestars Best of 2018 Award”. This is the second consecutive year PROTECTION PLUS has received this award.

“Nine years ago, the Best Of Awards (BOA) were created to honour companies who are the best in their specific industry. They were also created as a way for HomeStars to show you, the homeowner, that your reviews really matter and impact a company’s success.” The award represents excellence for integrity, customer service and consistency.

“As a company, we feel the “Homestars Best of” awards are very important as they are a direct result of our customers’ feedback and reviews. Every person in our company takes great pride in creating a positive experience for our clients, and the positive feedback it generates. It’s truly a team effort, everybody must work together as a team, with that common goal, to provide trust and satisfaction to every customer.” Says Allan Baum, President of PROTECTION PLUS .

The Homestars “Best of” awards were presented in Toronto on March 8, 2018, and at other locations across the country.

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Toronto, January 17, 2018

As an essential part of The PROTECTION PLUS belief in giving back to the community, a neighbouring charity, the Second Harvest Food Bank, was chosen to receive a Security Surveillance Camera installation at no charge. The Honeywell cameras, compliments of Honeywell Security Canada, were installed and activated by the PROTECTION PLUS installation team in May of 2017.

On December 16, 2017, the Second Harvest was the victim of a robbery, where batteries were stolen from their fleet of trucks. The thieves, however, were caught on video by the surveillance cameras with clear and helpful recorded images and timelines. The Toronto Police now have much-needed evidence to apprehend these criminals to prevent a recurrence at Second Harvest or another vulnerable business.

Allan Baum, President of PROTECTION PLUS, said. “Every year on the anniversary of our incorporation, we make a volunteer our time, equipment and expertise in our community as a way of giving back. We are disappointed that anyone would target a charitable organization like Second Harvest. But we are pleased that the video images provide the Toronto Police with a much better opportunity to make an arrest and stop these perpetrators from further criminal activity.”

Please continue to support your local charities like the Second Harvest Food Bank

For more information, please feel free to contact us at

PROTECTION PLUS Volunteer Day 2017

May 26, 2017

Press Release

In a friendly, but significant challenge to the business community, PROTECTION PLUS has issued a challenge to other businesses, large and small, to use their incorporation date as an annual “Volunteer Day.” What better way to mark the anniversary of business incorporation than to give back to the community that made success possible in the first place!

On Friday, May 26th, PROTECTION PLUS will mark its’ 23rd year in business by volunteering at Second Harvest Food Bank in Toronto. On Friday afternoon, all staff from PROTECTION PLUS will work with the Second Harvest to sort, pack, and load food that is incoming and outgoing. In addition to the provision of labour to assist in the daily challenges of running a Food Bank, PROTECTION PLUS will install a surveillance camera system for Second Harvest. Honeywell Security Canada has graciously donated the camera and NVR hardware for this project, and PROTECTION PLUS is donating the expertise and time of its’ installation team. By Friday evening, Second Harvest will be a more secure facility!

Second Harvest Food Bank is a fantastic organization. It is the most extensive food rescue program in Canada. Since 1985, Second Harvest has been picking up donated, surplus food, which would otherwise go to waste, and delivering that food to community agencies in Toronto. Currently, Second Harvest provides rescued food to over 225 social service agencies. If you want to volunteer with them you can learn more

PROTECTION PLUS HomeStars Winner 2017

HomeStars Winner

Feb 28, 2017

Press Release

TORONTO, February 28, 2017: PROTECTION PLUS is pleased to announce that it has been honoured with a HomeStars Best of 2017 Award celebrating its commitment to quality work and service. The awards event took place in Durham as well as four other major cities across Canada.

“To be recognized with a HomeStars Best of Award is a great accomplishment and we are proud of this honour,” says Allan Baum, PROTECTION PLUS. “We always strive to improve our service and hope to win this award again in the years to come.”

Best of Award winners are the top performers on the HomeStars, ranging from independent contractors to larger retailers. Winners are selected using several criteria, including homeowner reviews as well as their responsiveness to homeowners.

“To win one of these awards is really a testament to a contractor’s quality of work,” says Nancy Peterson, Founder and CEO of HomeStars. “We like to think of them as our own People’s Choice Awards since they are based on the reviews written by homeowners.”