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The Need for Touchless Access Control in Covid Times and...

Maintaining control over who enters your facility is a fundamental priority for any business, but the Covid-19 pandemic has added new urgency to the need for secure, touchless access control systems.

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6 Reasons to Consider Window Film Security for Your Home...

Window film security is a simple, yet powerful, layer of protection that can safeguard you, your belongings and your business.

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Video Surveillance | Protection Plus Cannabis Dispensary...

A video surveillance system is an essential part of cannabis dispensary security. Security cameras help to deter crime, while also capturing everything that happens at your cannabis store.

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5 Cannabis Store Security Measures Required by Law

Cannabis store owners have a lot to consider before opening their shops, but it's essential that security does not become an afterthought. Providing protection for your inventory, staff and customers is of course a vital priority for any shop owner.

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Next-Gen Access Control in the time of COVID-19

Has the recent COVID-19 crisis caused you to rethink how you control access to your workplace? If you could revolutionize how you, your employees, guests, and customers enter your building, what features would that access control system contain?

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