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Shoplifting: The Cost to Your Retail Business and What to...

Many times, shoplifting is dismissed as merely “the cost of doing business”. But, with slim profit margins, shoplifting can be the difference between being profitable or not. In the U.S. in 2016 the average inventory shrink rate increased to 1.44%.

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What a Burglar is Looking for…

Prevention is always better than detection or recovery when it comes to crime and theft. It helps to know what the typical Burglar is looking for when he is looking for a target. Here are a few things to consider making yourself and your property less vulnerable to crime.1.

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Facts Often Ignored When Installing Security Cameras

Security cameras play an important role in the overall safety of your home. Many security systems make use of cameras, but people often neglect certain factors when installing them. These often ignored facts are essential in keeping your home safe.

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New Trends in Home Surveillance

We all want to do all we can to keep ourselves, our families, our possessions, and our property as safe as possible from break-ins. Fortunately there is so much new technology in home surveillance. Here are some cutting edge ways to keep your home safe and secure!

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Three Best Locations to Install Security Cameras

When it comes to installing security cameras in your home, placement is everything. There are many reasons people install security cameras, though the most popular reason is to deter burglars from breaking into your property.

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