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Questions to Consider When Choosing a Video Alarm System

A video alarm system helps you keep a watchful eye over your business or home, and the mere presence of cameras can also help to deter burglars. But since not all surveillance systems offer the same level of security, you need to be careful which solution you choose.

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Why Every Business Needs a Commercial Security Audit

Every business should routinely conduct a commercial security audit to stay abreast of risks that threaten its operations, assets and people.

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5 Essential Security Measures to Implement on your...

Construction sites require extra security, especially since the vehicles, building materials, tools and equipment that are needed to be on site daily may be a valuable target for some. Any incident of theft may negatively affect a project’s profits.

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The Need for Touchless Access Control in Covid Times and...

Maintaining control over who enters your facility is a fundamental priority for any business, but the Covid-19 pandemic has added new urgency to the need for secure, touchless access control systems.

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6 Reasons to Consider Window Film Security for Your Home...

Window film security is a simple, yet powerful, layer of protection that can safeguard you, your belongings and your business.

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